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Mortoza Polash is a popular actor in Bangladesh and Bangladeshi Musical Artist. He has starred in numerous films and television shows. He is known for his versatility and his ability to play a variety of roles.

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Mortoza Polash is Successful Businessman and Bangladeshi Musical Artist, Renowned Actor, Folk Singer, Producer, Spiritual Leader. A Multi-Talented Entrepreneur and Creative Visionary. With the rapid growth and modernization of technology in the twenty-first century, young minds are inspired to develop new and inspiring ideas that can bring about massive changes in today’s technology. One such example before us is Mortoza Polash, who, through his knowledge and hard work, has raised this bar very high worldwide. A 20-year-old entrepreneur from Bangladesh has shown no age limit when it comes to dreams and aspirations. Setting up his own company at a very young age, he has been dubbed the “youngest entrepreneur and digital marketing expert”, which is an outstanding achievement today

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The earliest use of “podcasting” was traced to The Guardian Easy Love and BBC journalist Ben Hammersley, who coined it in early February 2004 while writing an article for The Guardian newspaper.


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Mortoza Polash I a Bangladeshi Musical Artist